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listing notice of jiangsu seagull cooling tower co., ltd

  210  2017/05/27

jiangsu seagull cooling tower co., ltd. announced the issuance of 22.87 million ordinary shares (a shares). the listing ceremony was officially held in shanghai stock exchange on may 17, 2017, and the issue price was 8.76 yuan/share. the stock is called "haiou shares" for short, and the stock code is "603269"
company profile
haiou cooling tower co., ltd. is engaged in the r&d, design, manufacturing and installation of industrial cooling towers, and provides technical services related to industrial cooling towers based on its own product and technical advantages. the main product is industrial cooling tower, whose main function is to cool and recycle industrial circulating water. it is widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial fields, and is an important supporting facility for modern industry.