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haiou shares: its revenue increased by more than 80% in the first half of the year, and joined hands with siemens to explore new gas turbine business

  203  2021/09/01

haiou shares (603269) released its semi annual report for 2021 on the evening of august 29, and the company realized an operating revenue of 423 million yuan, an increase of 83.38% year on year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was rmb 20109100, up 1594.41% year on year; realize the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company after deducting non recurring profits and losses of 18.7143 million yuan; basic earnings per share is 0.18 yuan. in the first half of the year, the company's performance hit a new historical high in the same period, showing a brilliant performance.

the financial report shows that in the first half of 2021, seagull co., ltd. increased investment in research and development, expanded the field and vision of product research and development, made continuous breakthroughs in the field of energy-saving and environment-friendly cooling towers, and achieved rapid growth in performance, with orders in hand totaling 2.055 billion yuan. in addition, it is disclosed in the announcement that seagull is strengthening cooperation with customer siemens on the basis of perennial cooperation in cooling tower business to layout gas turbine business, which may become a new growth engine of the company in the later period.
orders in hand exceeded 2 billion yuan
rapid growth of domestic and foreign markets, with orders in hand exceeding 2 billion
in recent years, the cooling tower market has put forward higher requirements for product quality, technical performance, energy-saving effect and environmental protection of materials. the company always attaches great importance to the research and development of new products and cooling tower technology, and continues to guarantee the investment in research and development. up to now, the company has 188 patents. the rapid market application of patented products has played a positive role in promoting the company's business expansion and efficiency.

in the first half of 2021, seagull will increase its research and development efforts in the serialization of anti fogging and water-saving cooling towers - c tower optimization, serialization of anti fogging and water-saving cooling towers - d tower optimization, smc molded air duct research and development, high heat transfer and anti pollution grid filler research and development, and high heat transfer and low resistance film filler research and development. the design of large-scale closed tower, standardized large-scale heat exchange module combination, and large-scale single fan closed tower has been completed in stages.

it is worth noting that orders in the domestic and foreign markets of seagull co., ltd. grew rapidly in the first half of the year, and the number of orders in hand of the company was higher over the years. as of june 30, 2021, the company held orders in hand totaling 2.055 billion yuan, an increase of 21.75% compared with the orders in hand of the company at the end of 2020. among them, the business volume of high technology performance environmental protection tower and closed tower has increased.
       adding new impetus to gas turbine business

layout gas turbine business and open up new incremental market opportunities
the announcement said that while continuing to consolidate the status of the existing industry, it explored new cooperation fields and modes with enterprises, aiming to provide good business development opportunities for the company. as a supplier of siemens, the company has cooperated on major cooling tower projects for a long time, accumulated rich cooperation experience, and the advantages of both sides are complementary. in 2019, siemens proposed to cooperate in the field of distributed energy. in 2020, the company and siemens energy started the formal cooperation in the gas turbine project. on august 18, 2021, the assembly and commissioning of the first sgt-700 gas turbine of the company has been successfully completed and successfully delivered to siemens energy.
at present, haiou has completed the assembly and commissioning of the second gas turbine and will deliver it to siemens energy in the near future. in the initial successful cooperation between the two gas turbines, the company's gas turbine team has accumulated valuable experience, which has further deepened the cooperation field, consolidated the foundation, and created good conditions for further cooperation.
industry analysts believe that haiou shares has released its semi annual report, with substantial growth in performance and full orders in hand, which may lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term growth. from the perspective of the industry, the current global efforts to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection, low noise, environmental protection and efficient cooling towers and closed cooling towers usher in a new incremental market.

haiou shares stressed that as the leader in the cooling tower industry in the a-share market, the company has obvious competitive advantages in high-tech performance environmental protection tower and closed tower businesses. at the same time, the company is actively exploring overseas markets and is expected to fully benefit from the dividends brought by the industry's upgrading and development. in addition, seagull shares laid out gas turbine business, allowing the company to enter a new track and open new incremental markets, which is expected to help the company usher in new opportunities for development in the future.
the article was reprinted from china securities news!