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official delivery of no. 2 unit of gas turbine crp zhengzhou project

  197  2021/10/15

the mechanical and electrical business department of haiou group has another good news. on september 22, 2021, the first gas turbine cooperation project of haiou siemens energy, crp zhengzhou unit 2, was officially delivered with the key trucks leaving the jintan plant. the unit is expected to arrive at the customer's site two days after departure.
since the beginning of 2019, seagull and siemens energy have contacted and determined to implement the project, which has taken more than two years to complete. during this period, seagull worked closely with siemens energy's chinese and swedish teams. in view of the actual problems encountered in the localization of sgt-700 models, seagull worked with siemens energy's two resident specialists to solve them, and accumulated valuable experience in gas turbine mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, gas turbine testing, etc.

the first gas turbine project was successfully completed, and we are about to enter the preparation stage of the next project.